How to Increase Calcium In Body Naturally

How To Increase Calcium In Body Naturally?

  • March 11, 2018

You must be here to know how to increase calcium in the body naturally? Let’s dive in.

How to increase calcium in the body naturally?

We all need calcium in our body for teeth, bones, muscles, every cell and nerves, and for proper blood circulation as well. In a word, calcium is a must for our healthy body, mind, and soul ever.

Why do we need calcium?

To say more, it helps to provide healthy tooth enamel and muscles. If we do not get the proper amount of calcium, our muscles can cramp, a heart can fail, nerve, and impulse and nerve fibers may not work correctly. Calcium is one of the most vital needs in our body for optimal functioning too.

In different stages of life, one needs the various levels of calcium intake in the stage of pregnancy a woman or a mother needs 1500 to 2000 mg of it daily. And lactation is to be 1200-1500 mg per day.

An infant whose age is zero to one year needs 400 to 600 mg. while children of one to ten years old need about 800 mg of it.

Preteens and teens need 1200 to 1500 mg per day calcium intake, and the adults need 1200 mg, and the seniors need to 1500 mg of calcium intake per day in a balanced way.

For the urgency of calcium intake, we need to know how to increase calcium in the body naturally. It is essential to know that our body can absorb calcium from the natural foods we take days rather than the supplements we take in an extra way.

What vegetables have calcium?

We will find the following natural foods are full of calcium and, therefore, we should take them usually so as not to be worried much to seek for the foods containing an adequate amount of calcium.

  • Dark leafy greens or watercress
  • Chinese cabbage or Pakchoy, Bokchoy
  • Cooked okra
  • Broccoli
  • Green snap beans
  • Almonds
  • White beans
  • Canned salmon
  • Kale
  • Black-eyed-peas
  • Oranges
  • sesame seeds
  • Seaweed and all types of cheerio

Which food contains calcium? 

Besides these, fish, milk, and meat meet the significant portion of calcium demand by our body significantly.

Everything we eat daily contains a certain amount of calcium along. So, we need not worry whether we are taking the right amount of it or not. We need 100 mg of calcium daily that we easily get from the natural intake; we receive from our surroundings.

There are many other items like; juices, drinks, meals, snacks, desserts, and fruits from which we un-knowingly take calcium of considerable amount. But, we need to take them carefully to make a balance to meet the demand by our body daily.

Apart from those foods, we need to take exercise daily that may include sunlight absorption for our good health as well. We should change our daily routine eating; we may add and exclude the new items and regular items of foods respectively to get the adequate amount of calcium daily and mostly after all.

Calcium Deficiency:

To increase calcium in a balanced way is very important otherwise we might fall the victims of calcium deficiency. And, calcium deficiency leads one to a great variety of fatal diseases mostly. So, should know the fact “What is calcium deficiency”?

If our body found in a state of not having enough calcium which is available around us, it will lead us to calcium deficiency. It happens so, because of not taking the adequate level of calcium body needed generally.

It is of two kinds; One is dietary calcium deficiency, and another is Hypocalcemia

Dietary Calcium Deficiency:

Inadequate intake of calcium causes dietary calcium deficiency needs our body daily. It leads to bones weakness and finally to osteoporosis.


Hypocalcemia is not a cause for a low amount of calcium intake directly while the body does not get enough calcium from our daily consumption foods; blood circulation process requires it from the bones. Then, the bones become weak, and there is a vital role in calcium on nerves, muscles, brain, and heart. Finally, the bones get things that lead to osteoporosis too.

  1. i) Directly calcium deficiency is caused by;
  • Inadequate calcium intake daily.
  • Shortage of vitamin D, magnesium, and phosphorus-containing intake.
  • Menopause, causing a decreasing level of estrogen falling, which helps to maintain calcium in the bones.
  • Age; factors much as it differs the calcium absorbing power in the body.
  1. ii) Hypocalcemia is caused by;

Medical reasons; meaning the breast cancer, prostate cancer, and inflammation of sepsis or infection in the blood, cause low calcium flow in the blood.

Hyperthyroidism that happens for the improper functioning of thyroid glands for not getting the parathyroid hormones maintained adequately and causes calcium deficiency.

Medications; that is, medication for stomach removal; durations and chemotherapy seriously reduce the calcium absorbing power in the body leads to low blood level within.

Kidney fails when we take much of chocolate, Spinach, soybeans, beet greens, almonds, cashews, and kale, etc. and get mind with one another by oxalis acid causes building stones in kidney and gallbladder for high calcium within as well.

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Who are the affected by calcium deficiency?

Certain peoples are mostly affected by calcium deficiency.

They are ;

  • Children and adolescents
  • Menopausing women/females
  • Lactose intolerant persons
  • Pregnant women
  • Vegetarians and vegans.

It happens when they need the calcium on an urgent basis but not getting it in proportion to the needs.

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency?

The fact is that; calcium deficiency is not noticed in the early stage of its action being done but, gradually, it spreads through and comes to our notice.

So, we need to know our symptoms very much. The following can be mentioned here;

  • Skin drying and nails brittle
  • Late puberty
  • Menstrual problem cramp
  • Tooth decay
  •  Fractures in the bones frequent by
  • Insomnia or irregular sleep
  • Muscle cramping

What diseases caused by calcium deficiency

We come to know that continuous deficiency causes health problem and leads to the diseases like;

–    Cardiovascular diseases

–    High blood pressure

–    Osteoporosis

–    And cancer

In this case, we can get rid of them by dietary changes and by taking calcium supplements mostly.

We hope this article How to increase calcium in the body naturally was helpful to you. Thank You.

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