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Best Eyeglass Cleaner | Can you make your own eyeglass cleaner?

If it is about eyeglass cleaner, you must have the queries on the best eyeglass cleaner so as to get your eyeglasses a new one every time you make the cleaner wipes. So, it’s your turn to search out your eyeglass kit or make eyeglass cleaner either.

Most of the intelligent people like you look for the best eyeglass cleaner for you to go for the details of eyeglass cleaner dyi or homemade eyeglass cleaner if you like to find alcohol free eyeglass cleaner often.

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What is in eyeglass cleaner?  

Now, have a look at how it can be made.  Eyeglass cleaner recipe shows that some vinegar and water to take in a bottle of certain proportionately and lid with a spraying cork on the top of the bottle. That’s it. Your homemade eyeglass cleaner is ready to use.

How to make eyeglass cleaner at home?

We see that in Costco eyeglass cleaner ingredients as the American Optometric Association recommended are also the same. It shows that dishwashing soap is the best eyeglass ingredient to choose it from.

You should choose out eyeglass cleaner spray. After spraying a buff of it on your eyeglasses, use a microfiber cloth or a piece of cotton cloth to make the cleaner wipes gently on your eyeglasses.

Is it OK to clean glasses with rubbing alcohol?

You must see that, you must have enough time to clean your eyeglass lens cleaner, you will get them to buy in the market with over availability. But you see the glass cleaner for the coated lens; try to avoid the use of highly concentrated acid used within.

Otherwise, you can go for the carbon eyeglass cleaner and automatic eyeglass cleaner avoiding the high acidic use within your eyeglass cleaner target.

You should also make the best choice of the best eyeglass cleaner cloth for a gentle wipe and not to get your eyeglass smudging as well.

Can you make your own eyeglass cleaner?

Yes, indeed. Fill a spritz bottle of ¾ with rubbing alcohol, ¼ of normal water, and add 1-2 drops of the dish washing soap. Then make a mixture of them well. It is now a complete eyeglass cleaner you like to know in the quest of how to make eyeglass cleaner at home.

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Does anti reflective coating wear off?

For your best eyeglass lens coat cleaning, you should not go for an anti-reflecting cleaner. Otherwise, it will peel out the coating off your lens. And, remember; do not clean your desired and daily necessary eyeglasses in dry condition. It might damage them rather.

Best Eyeglass Cleaner

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner – Lens Cleaner for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

If you are to invest in your eyeglass cleaner that is truly convenient to use for all types of eyewear then we suggest trying Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner. A good quality lens and cleaner you’ll find it easy-to-use.

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No need to use liquid, disposal wipes, or any other chemicals with Peeps Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner. It is totally hassle-free while cleaning your eyeglass and sunglasses.

Features Of Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner:-

  1. Innovative And Safe Technology: This lens cleaner uses an efficient and innovative carbon microfiber technology that makes it universal for cleaning all types of glasses.

Its safe technology won’t damage the special coating of your glasses or lens.

  • Effective Cleaner: Peeps Carbon Lens Cleaner uses substance-free dry clean technology which is extremely effective and far better than others in the market. Even it is used in NASA for lens cleaning. 
  • Simply Portable: Bring it everywhere with you without any hassle. It is perfect in size, compact, and very easy to use.


  1. Made with innovative carbon microfiber technology
  2. Doesn’t damage the special coating of the lens 
  3. Used in NASA for leans cleaning
  4. Portable size
  5. Maximum 500 times cleaning  


  1. Cannot reach the edges of the lens or glass


Enjoy this simple and innovative carbon microfiber for lens cleaning. It will certainly make your cleaning task easy and safe. Carry it anywhere and keep your glasses and lens clean and smudge-free with Peeps Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner.

Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes 200 Ct

Zeiss Cleaning Wipes is a well-known lens cleaner wipes that ensure quick and effective cleaning on most optics including eyeglasses, lens, laptop screens, camera lens, sunglasses, and so on.

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This pre-moistened wipe is easy to use to remove blemishes and provides streak-free clean. You can use it for your gar, electronic gadgets, lense, glasses at work, house, or anywhere.

Features Of Zeiss Cleaning Wipes:-

  1. Safe And Effective: Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipe provides soft and gentle streak-free cleaning to remove germs, fingerprints, dust, oil, and blemishes using a gentle alcohol solution. 
  2. Ideal For Any Lens And Glasses: Easily remove smudges and dirt. Ideal for cleaning glasses and any optical lens such as – binoculars, cameras, and sunglasses without scratching. Zeiss Lens Cleaner Wipes are tested and guaranteed for safety.
  3. Easy-To-Use And Portable: Convenient to store anywhere at home and office so you can clean your gadgets while you’re on-the-go.


  1. Safe and effective cleaning wipes
  2. Removes dirt and smudges leaving no scratches
  3. Safe to use for all types of lenses
  4. Easy to use and portable for use on-the-go


  1. Not work as a dry cleaner


However, store these effective cleaning wipes at your home, office or your car to clean your lenses, glasses, cellphones, and camera screens quickly. They remove smudges and dirt gently without making scratches or streaks.

Eyeglass Cleaning & Repair Kit; 1oz Bottle Cleaning Spray

Eyeglass owners need this eyeglass cleaning kit that offers you the excellent eyeglass cleaning solution with a microfiber cloth. This glass cleaning spray works efficiently and safely without leaving smears on your lens or glasses.

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Moreover, with the included screwdriver can be used for convenient repair or replacing batteries in small electronics gadgets or toys anywhere you go.

Features Of Cal Optix Eyeglass Cleaning & Repair Kit:-

  1. Microfiber Cleaning Kit: The eyewear care kit comes with colorful cleaning spray including a microfiber cleaning cloth. This cleaning spray offers Ammonia and Alcohol free cleaning solutions for safe and smudge-free surfaces.
  2. Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: The including soft microfiber cleaning cloth offers a decent cleaning of different types of glasses. You can use it gently wiping out dirt and smudges when cleaning spray provides water. It also helps to dry your glass quickly.
  3. Keychain Screw Driver: The eyeglass cleaning kit includes a perfect size keychain screwdriver for convenient repairing your sunglasses or small tools and toys.


  1. 1 oz Ammonia-free and Alcohol-free cleaning spray
  2. Includes microfiber cleaning cloth
  3. Comes with keychain screwdriver
  4. Convenient carrying case
  5. Safe for use on AR coatings 


  1. Need to work hard to clean the edge of the eyewear


In brief, it is a complete and effective microfiber dry cleaning kit for your eyewear. Carry it anywhere you want so you can do a quick repair and clean your glasses.

Clear View Premium AR-Coated Anti-Streak Anti-Static Lens Cleaner Spray

If you’re looking for an anti-streak lens cleaner spray that is scientifically formulated and effective to clean all AR Coated lenses then you could use Clear View Premium Lens Cleaner Spray.

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This lens cleaner formula features an anti-streak property that allows easy cleaning and the anti-static property of this spay keeps lens clean for a longer time period.

Features Of Clear View Premium Lens Cleaner Spray :-

  1. Safe And Scratch-Free: This lens cleaner spray for glasses is completely safe and scientifically formulated for Anti-Reflection and all lens coatings. You don’t have to worry getting scratched after wiping with this eyeglass cleaner spray.

It not only keeps your expensive lens and glasses clean but also it will leave your lens and glasses without any scratches.

  • Reliable And Professional Formula: The professional formula of this spray is made in the USA. This formula features anti-static properties that deflect dust while the anti-streak formula makes the lens more clear shiny for a longer time.
  • Easy-To-Use And Convenient: One of the most convenient glasses and lens cleaner any lens and eyewear. Coated or uncoated, whatever it provides quick and easy cleaning to keep your glasses and lenses clearer than ever.


  1. Convenient size and perfect for travel
  2. Streak-free finish for coated or uncoated glasses
  3. Scientifically formulated for AR and all coating lens
  4. Reliable and professional formula
  5. Made in the USA


  1. No microfiber cloth comes with


The US-made convenient lens cleaner by Clear View is quite professional, reliable, and effective. You’ll find this cleaner with a scientific formulation to provide quick and streak-free lenses and glasses.

Mini Microfiber Spectacles Cleaner, Eyeglass Sun Glasses Cleaner

If you’re looking for a nicely portable eyeglass cleaner to carry it anywhere you go, then this mini microfiber spectacles cleaner fits your eyeglass case or your pocket.

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This high-quality eyewear cleaner is very handy to use and effective for risk-free cleaning for most of your eyeglasses and lenses.

Features Of Mini Microfiber Spectacles Cleaner :-

  1. High-Quality Microfiber:- This mini glass cleaner machine is made of soft and high-quality microfiber materials. It would remove dust, smudges, fingerprints, oil, and dirt from your eyeglasses leaving no scratches. And you’ll have the best optical clarity and sharper view.
  2. No Harm To Glasses:-This eyeglass cleaning kit features a soft microfiber cleaning pad that leaves no trace or scratches while removing durst and sneakers. This dry clean glass cleaner is really effective using no chemical substances.
  3. Easy To Use:- This conveniently sized cleaner easily fits in your pocket or eyeglass case and is nicely portable while traveling. Keep your glasses dust-free anywhere you go.


  1. High-quality microfiber materials
  2. Absorbs and removes dust and dirt
  3. Anti-sneaker dry eyewear cleaner
  4. Conveniently sized
  5. No harm to glasses


  1. A little bit smaller sized
  2. Hard to clean edges


If you’re looking for something smaller but cleans your eyewear without any harm you could consider this mini microfiber spectacles cleaner. It is easy to store in your eyewear case and handy to use anywhere you need it.

PDI D25431 See Clear Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes (Pack of 120)

You might be interested in regularly taking care of your eyewear for having exact views with perfect clarity. EyeGlass Cleaning Wipes by PDI could be another impressive eyeglass cleaner you can use safely on all kinds of glasses and lenses.

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This cleaning wipes not only effective for eyewear but you also can use the wipes to clean up your cameras, laptop, cellphones, and any other gadgets.

Features Of PDI Eyeglass Cleaning Wipes:-

  1. Effective Cleaning:- Every wipe works perfectly to keep your eyewear dust-free and clearer effectively without leaving smudges, streaks, or scratches.
  2. Pre-Moistened Formula:- These pre-moistened wipes are soft and safe to use for lenses. This non-linting cleaning solution contains no toxic chemicals like Ammonia which might damage lenses.
  3. Safe For Use:- Safe lense cleaning wipes that features Anti-static, anti-fog, and designed for safe use on anti-reflective coated lenses. They’re also safe to use on other gadgets also without damaging. 


  1. Pre-moistened unique formula
  2. Cleans effectively without scratching
  3. A non-linting solution contains no toxic chemicals
  4. Safe for use on AR coated lens


  1. Good but not the best quality


In every separate wipe, you will find it easy-to-use and convenient to store. Also, travel-friendly cleaning wipes to clean your eyewear anywhere you go.

Two Bottles of Birdz Eyewear Amazing Purity Lens Cleaning Spray

Another lens cleaning spray comes in a set of two bottles from the Birdz Eyewear. Each bottle contains one ounce and perfectly fits your pocket or purse while traveling.

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This glass cleaning spray ensures quick and effective cleaning of your eyewear, cellphone surface, cameras, or any other gadgets.

Features Of Birdz Eyewear Lens Cleaning Spray:-

  1. Safe And Effective:- This advanced eyewear cleaning solution is proven to be safe and chemical-free. It cleans dust and dirt from all digital screens and safe for almost all lense coating including Anti-Reflective lenses.
  2. Easy To Use:- The simplified design makes it easy to use and convenient to carry even children can use it. The bottles are too compact to store and carry with during trips.
  3.  Anti-Streak And Ani-Static:- The unique formula of this anti-static lens cleaner can clean lenses and glasses effortlessly leaving no streaks or scratches. And your lens or glass will stay clear and clean for longer.


  1. Compact design, easy-to-carry
  2. The effective and safe formula for all coating including AR lenses 
  3. The anti-static formula leaves no streaks
  4. Easy to use and convenient to carry


  1. Not the best one


However, this simply designed convenient sized eyewear cleaning spray is not only effective for cleaning but it also ensures harm-free usage. You can use it for any lens or glass including AR lenses.

CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Carbon Klean Eyeglass Cleaner is a unique edition of Peeps that applied an advanced technology for effective cleaning. It is different from any other eyewear cleaning machine in the market.

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This small and simple eyewear cleaning machine is designed with soft durable carbon microfiber pads cleaning most standard glasses. It is convenient in size and easy to carry.

Features Of Carbon Klean Eyeglass Cleaner:-

  1. Ground Breaking Technology:- Peeps eyeglass cleaner uses an efficient and unique carbon microfiber technology that allows you to clean all types of glasses and lenses. Though these cleaner uses dry-clean technology, it is effective as wet lense cleaning as well.
  2. Effective Eyeglass Cleaner:-Peeps auto-function technology is smooth and soft on specialized glasses. This effective dry-clean technology works great on any type of glasses without damaging their coatings. Moreover, this substance-free technology is used in NASA.
  3. Safe And Scratch-Free:-The special coating of your glass or lens will be safe and scratch-free. It is and safe and professional technology surely allows you to wipe off dirt, dust, fingerprints, and streaks without leaving scratches. 


  1. Specialized ground-breaking technology
  2. Effective eyeglass cleaner for dry and wet cleaning
  3. Streak-free and scratch-free eyeglass cleaning
  4. Nicely convenient to carry anywhere
  5. Professional standards used in NASA


  1. No liquid uses


However, this Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner uses such technology is absolutely a standard and effective for eyewear cleaning and other gadgets with glass surfaces. A compact design to carry with anywhere you need and will give you a clear and clean eyeglass view.   


Now, we can make a conclusion of your queries regarding the best eyeglass cleaner. On the other hand, that you can say the summary of your queries are; it is wise not going for high configured acid contained cleaner and go for the homemade ones at least.

And, there are very good quality full eyeglass cleaners for you to buy with ease around. But the best eyeglass cleaner is that makes your eyeglass a new one without making any damage to it ever.