How to cure dry skin

How to cure dry skin?

  • March 2, 2018

Welcome. Want to know how to cure dry skin? Let’s jump on to it.

How to cure dry skin?

There are many factors work behind while experiencing the fact, dry skin. As the dry air in the atmosphere mostly works to make our skin dry, we have to go to search for moisturizers, so to have them for the better condition of our skin indeed.

This dry skin leads to itching, kind of inflammation on the skin and the body, as a whole. It causes hives on the skin to direct you to eczema even. Dry skin also irritates in contact with some many things which we can say sensitivity in short. So, we have tried to locate out some ways out to get rid of from dry Itchy skin.

Check this home remedy for dry skin-

How to treat dry skin?

Moisturizers work well for dry skin as a means of treatment. The best moisturizers might be ointments, creams, lotions, petroleum jelly and many other skin lubricants. Which are of great use to heal it?

  • Take a moisturizer to put on your skin thrice or four times in a day most often taking a bath, or a was
  • Put petroleum jelly on your both hands before going to bed to sleep if your hands are dry in some cases.
  • To make your skin apart from being dried up, change your bathing habits like

– Don’t bathe frequently

– Use mild soap softly in genital area while in shower

– Take a sort cut bath instead daily

  • Use plain oil as a message on the body skin after bathing.

Remember, while taking care of your skin, let not it to be dried out. And also follow the following tips to cure your daily skin at large.

  • While bathing, add a cup of baking soda into the warm water in the tub and use a day towel on-air drier often finishing bath.
  • You can use lemon juice directly on the itchy skin for getting relief from irritation.
  • Mix oatmeal in the water and spread it on the dry skin to get relief from. Don’t use very hot water on the bare skin area.
  • You can use- Agrimony oil, clove oil, geranium oil, jewelweed oil, lavender oil, neem oil, nettle oil, peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, thy me oil, while taking a bath, using specific dosages of oil instructed on the oil packages, into the water for shower.
  • Apply cold water to the skin. It will heal the irritation to a greater extent though hot water feels better. But it happens for the time being.
  • Massage or rub some olive, almond or sesame oil on the hands, legs and rest of the body well before going to the bath.
  • Before going to bed at night, put some coconut oil on the hands, elbows, it will heal some other your greased area as well.
  • Take some coconut milk and rub it on face and body and let it be for the whole night to be absorbed by the body.
  • Apply dot apple cider vinegar on the skin covering entire body with a cotton ball.
  • Make a slice of Aloe Vera, take out the get inside and apply it to you itches skin for instant relief.
  • Apply some milk and honey to the itchy skin as it works very well. It is a pain soothing and inflammation alleviating too.
  • Using honey+ Olive oil+ beeswax will heal you from eczema.
  • Combine juniper berries with cloves and put the juice on liquid, after its being treated, on the skin, the itching will be relieved promptly.
  • Like cloves, BASIL, MINT, and THYME to contain a large amount of eugenol, menthol, and volatile consistent thymol respectively. So, we can use them like the above one.

We can use glycerin to have comfort from the dry and itchy skin. Besides, wearing cotton clothes, avoiding perfumed soaps and drinking much water, we can get comfort afterword.

We also should be apart from taking much amount of caffeine and alcohol to avoid skin dryness and to get relax from irritation willfully.

We also should get aware of what causes dry skin.

To mention, we have accumulated the list of such items which will certainly help you all authentically and it is that we believe. Our article about “how to cure dry skin” ends here.




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