what does calcium do

What Is Calcium? What Does Calcium Do?

What does calcium do? Before this question, let us know what is calcium.

What is calcium?

If we go for getting the details of word calcium, we find many things to know. But in a word, it is a substance of silver. This silver is a white divalent metallic element located on earth. Or it is a chemical combination – the compound which is a mineral element suitable for people with strong and healthy bones for.

What does calcium do?

We can obviously say that calcium is an essential mineral for the human body mostly. So, what does calcium do? It helps to grow good teeth, bones and also to build our muscle. It also enhances nerve signal. And, it is good for hormones and enzymes too.

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Why is this mineral helpful to our body?

This mineral is helpful to constitute about 1 to 2% weight of the human body. It plays a vital role in building metabolical-health. Also, it manages acid and necessary balance in the bloodstream within our organization. The most exciting thing is that 99% of it is found in bones and teeth.

Now, we can try to know where is calcium found?. We find that most of the calcium is found in our daily eating. Apart from the processed foods, we get take them unknowingly. And, much of foods are from the natural foods. And these foods we take daily and easily. They are like; green and leafy vegetables, our breakfast foods, snacks, bread, juices, cereals, bottled water, etc. Here, soy meal also contains much calcium. And, the above mentioned are all calcium-rich foods.

There are thousands of products; natural, non-natural, available in our surroundings. Among, we chose six items containing the excellent source of calcium for our convenience. That follows;

  • Green leafy vegetables / Watercress are mainly full of high calcium. Green vegetables with calcium mean Kale, spinach, lettuce, Broccoli, Romaine, Turnip, Asparagus, and cabbages, etc. We can mix them into the salad to take it as a side-meal for having a right quantity and quality of calcium-containing food altogether.
  • Mozzarella, daily products of low fat, cheese is also a good source of calcium. And, this one is for those who cannot take much lactose at a time because of intolerance in the stomach. This is also very nice for strengthening the tooth.
  • Nonfat milk is considered as a good source of calcium. Because one cup of this milk contains 306 mg of calcium that is perfect for daily food along. If a little bit of it is added to salads, desserts, and soups, it will improve the taste and nutrition in them prominently.
  • Tofu which means fortified soya milk product is also high calcium source. So, we should take it daily. And, Hundred gm. of it contains 35% DV of calcium.
  • Canned fish is vibrant calcium-containing food. And, a cup of this fish oil provides 569 mg of this mineral. It includes vitamin-K and B, iodine and magnesium too.
  • Blackstrap molasses made of raw sugarcane juice is a good source of calcium not causing any other side effect. It provides for 45 gm. DV of calcium to our body.

In an actual sense, all types of foods contain calcium. But they are at a different level in an average, If we go through the nutritional value of our surrounding foods available to intake are full of calcium regarding our needs.

We, therefore, should try to take food carefully to maintain a balance of calcium intake because we are to get good health in all respects. We hope you got your answer to “what is calcium” and “what does calcium do.”

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