what is hijama

What is hijama? | What is cupping therapy?


What is hijama?

What is hijama? is now a common idea to share? And, what is cupping therapy? It now is known as cupping therapy and mostly known as cupping bruises, a practice occurred in the 15th century recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

We mention it as a disappeared sunnah or hijama sunnah for an unknown reason. And, in modern medical science, it is named cupping therapy in most of the places around the world today.

In quest of knowing does cupping therapy work, we should say it is very much related to Islamic medicine for curing any diseases that Islam firmly believes. Not only the Islamic people but the whole world now is getting much interested increasingly.

Hijama is a way to cure diseases of any kind by the order of the almighty the Muslim firmly believe. And there are some hijama points to work on that results very finely. Its popularity is also rising for it is a forgotten sunnah that is much effective while it is applied to the victims.

This hijama is a physical treatment we call hijama treatment or cupping treatment where you might have the question does cupping hurt. Here we can say that works on by the mercy of the Almighty undoubtedly. So, its effect is visibly wonderful.

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Hijama benefits:

In general cupping therapy does not hurt and there are lots of cupping therapy benefits instead. Let’s see what hijama does to our body and mind.

Normally, you know that remedy of every disease is there and if anyone applies it on him or her, by the order of Allah it is cured. And, here, it is about His Prophet Muhammad. So, it is a great medicine to all of us. Hijama benefits are many. While doing it, some Surah from the holy Quran is recited what we see the differences between the hijama treatment and the cupping therapy nothing more of it.

The methodology is the same but when we say it a forgotten sunnah, the practitioners just recite from the holy Quran that the pious believe, by the mercy of the almighty the diseased get rid of diseases promptly.

In Islam, health is given importance and for this reason, to maintain it, there are some instructions for. And, the fact is that it is a natural way to cure the disease in a very nice way.

Hijama near me or cupping therapy near you are a holistic and Islamic method of treatment what we know as the forgotten sunnah, sunnah means the life leading indications by the Prophet Muhammad

Is Hijama sunnah?

At the journey to the almighty by the Muhammad that we call (Laylatu’l-Isra’ wa’l-Mir’ aj), he met many other messengers of the almighty, prayed together there. From the almighty he took the Salah five times a day to his followers in the earth. So, cupping in Islam is hijama that we aforesaid.

At this, he also took the instruction from the almighty on shafah and that is the same which he later mentioned to her followers but unfortunately, it is forgotten for the time being afterward. Now, it is revealed that cupping therapy is the hijama by the prophet Muhammad.

Does Hijama work?

This is declared the best medicine among the bests to cure any diseases by the mercy of the almighty. Prophet Muhammad himself declared it as the best means of curing diseases of any type as it is by the almighty’s order direct through His beloved messenger to the creations.

Hijama for weight loss began in the very ancient world that history shows. There is some area in which the therapists work. Now, you also will see hijaman points for hair loss that we newly have come to be introduced to. Hijama benefits for skin had been familiar to the ancient world that consequently came to ours today.

Cupping therapy is a practice of curing diseases for centuries in the ancient world. It is found in practice in 1550 BC in Egypt. Later it is discovered in China about 5000 years back and it is still in practice there in China.

It also crossed the civilization in the Roman Empire and in many Islamic empires. It also crossed Europe, Asia mainly South Asia, Russia, the USA in the middle age for it got its popularity in that era much.

Right now, it is being practiced in China, Finland and most of the Muslim Majority countries for its natural ways of a wonderful method of diseases curing effectively without any other troubles associated with it.

What is cupping therapy?

What is cupping therapy

Cupping therapy cupping bruises is the procedure of curing diseases like cups are set on your skin creating a vacuum inside and pull the blood into the cup set area. As a result, the polluted blood is accumulated into place under the cup whole and this blood is removed as the poisonous one.

The toxic blood, toxic fluids of the body, are removed by this method whereas it is also done in the same way. But Before hijama, one is to take ablution and during the procedures going on, some DOA or surah are recited from the Holy Quran as it is taken as a spiritual method by the almighty’ order and instruction through His messenger.

What does Hijama do?

Hijama returns the body into the normal state afterward and in a normal fast way. As it reduces or removes the body alkaline that affects the body into the crush and some other fluids like acidity in health and another toxic element inside the body following the cupping therapy, it is taken as super holistic curing. Hijama treatment helps the body to be normal balancing the blood circulation normal and removing imbalance fluid inside.

It is recommended by the prophet as the greatest treatment by the religion Islam straight. He also added that it helps to reduce all negative impacts on the body and sharpens one’s eyesight even before.

Hijama treatment is an excellent disease curing method that also works most as a prevention of diseases like. It does the following jobs well;

  • It boasts of the blood circulation
  • Also boosts of the healthy immune system
  • It cleans out the toxic elements of the body hidden inside
  • Detoxes the body
  • Relieves pain
  • Increases fertility
  • Cures illness effectively

It is also helpful for muscular, skeletal, neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive problems and diseases wonderfully.

The prophet himself mentioned those benefits by the Hijama. It sharpens the memory, he added.

Cupping in Islam:

Hijama works all over the body, mind, and soul. It is a Sunnah means it is of spiritual category a way of curing diseases of any kind and any level. It alleviates anxiety and depression, relaxing the mind and body together.

Body pain it relieves and mental peace it sets up into the soul. As it is done spiritually, it brings peace into the soul as well. It is a blessing by the almighty. So, it is the best medicine among the bests.

Cupping in Islam is called a remedy of both curative and preventive together. One should go for it at least once or twice in a year. If it is of critical condition, one should go for it more frequently.

It is best to do hijama in 17th, 19th and 21st instant of the Islamic lunar month. And, it works for every disease by the mercy of the almighty.

Those who perform the work are the special blessed professionals praised by the prophet Muhammad himself.


  • It counters the negative side effect of alcohol, medicines, and other chemicals
  • Also it treats the disease incurable by modern medical science even
  • The therapist will get a spiritual status in mind
  • To be more available among the commoners around
  • Revive the forgotten Sunnah to the people again


What is hijama is what is cupping therapy, we mean, cupping is a method that also we see in hijama but it adds the Quran recitation at doing hijama or cupping. Otherwise, everything is the same in both therapies. The pious follow the hijama for the valuable speech recitation from the Holy Quran.

So, know what is hijama and what is cupping therapy at the same time and get benefitted well.

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