How to cure migraine

How To Cure a Migraine | The Ultimate Guide To Migraine Treatment And Soluation

  • November 21, 2018

How to cure a Migraine:-

How to cure a migraine is one of the prime queries by the people of all ages and status. You also might be curious to know some while about that led us to help you know more about it. Here, we will try to make you aware of the fact sequentially such as what is migraine, its meaning, types of it, its causes and migraine prevention and lots about it further.

Migraine meaning:-

A migraine is a pain felt on the fore part of your head mainly when you undergo much mental pressure. It can cause multiple conditioning symptoms frequently change into an intense headache. It includes vomiting, nausea, feeling difficult to speak, and it sometimes makes you very tired and feeling exhausted.

In a word, migraine meaning is very clear that it is a severe type pain in your head that cannot afford we explain but undergo the pressure and realize. A migraine might be of dynastical that is; it might fall upon the decent level from your forefather to your ancestors even.

It also happens that a migraine is occurred in your childhood and is adjacent to you up to your early adulthood. Many of us almost mingle the meaning of a migraine between a headache and migraine. So far it also causes depression and bowel problem.

migraine vs headache:-

We have focused some ideas regarding a migraine in those above lines; however, we will discuss it further later. Before that we will talk about a headache, we mean what a headache is?

The interesting matter is that when we feel pain in the head, there is no scope to think whether it is a migraine or a headache. But, if we are somewhat educated regarding the matter, it is clear to us what is what.

A headache is a pressure or pain we feel in our heads, we think it milder to severe, and it is found in mainly in the temples of head, forehead, and back of the neck whereas most headaches we call as a tension headacheincluding muscle strain, stress, and anxiety.

A headache is of different kinds of which followings are we mention herewith;

  1. A cluster headache,
  2. A sinus headache,
  3. Chiari headache, and
  4. A thunderclap headache.


  1. A cluster headache occurs one side of the head and comes in the cluster by rotation of a headache free time.
  2. A sinus headache we find while your nose is congested with facial pressure causing cough and migraine confusing pain.
  3. Chiari headache occurs in the people at birth defect causing pain the back of the head.
  4. And, thunderclap headache we see is a very severe headache that develops in a minute meaning fast moving pain around the head. It may cause a stroke to the victim. So, it requires medical admit immediately after effect.

The differences are; the headaches followed by vomiting, temporary vision loss, and nausea and it is mainly in the temples of the head, pain behind one eye or ear, or while in light and sound sensitivity.

Migraine types:-

Despite, we are clarifying the types of a migraine here so that you can easily find out what is what. A migraine is of many types, but mainly it is of two types like; a migraine with aura and migraine without aura.

And, migraine with aura is a complicated one we call classic, complicated and hemiplegic migraine. This type includes the causes like; vision problem, the sensory problem on the body, face, tongue, etc. language problem, weakness feeling and brainstem.

And, brainstem causes an unclear voice, feeling spinning, hearing damage, double eye vision, uneven body movement, loss of consciousness, etc.

Here, migraine without aura is a common one that we feel normally and suffer from time to time. And it is nominally incomparable to a headache.

  • There are some other types of migraines like:-
  • Chronic migraines,
  • An acute migraine,
  • A vestibular migraine,
  • An optical migraine,
  • A complex migraine,
  • An abdominal migraine,
  • A stress migraine,
  • A menstrual migraine,
  • A cluster migraine,
  • A hormonal migraine, etc.

Now, you might have the question of how we can identify that these and those are the causes of a migraine and whether it is a severe one or not, etc. In this case, we will go for the most often seen symptoms of a migraine in common.

Migraine symptoms:-

Most of the people are familiar with the migraine symptoms for it is a widely seen problem among the large group of us often. The main criteria to identify it are;

We know that migraine causes severe pain associating with nausea, vomiting and sometimes with many other sensitivities along.

Moreover, migraine proceeds or develops in one’s life in childhood, and adolescence or in early adulthood and goes around into four stages; aura, headache, prodrome and post-drome. It may not cover all the stages all together but comes to otherwise you are not aware of it consciously.

Prodrome stage contains the following problems;

  • Permanent constipation
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Mood changing
  • Food cravings
  • Frequent thirst and urinating and
  • Frequent yawn
  • Aura shows below severities;
  • Temporary vision loss
  • Pining sensation in arms and legs
  • Hearing damage
  • Feeling weak and tired
  • Jerking in the body frequently
  • And, post-drome includes underneath issues;
  • Blurring mood
  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Confusing and sensitive attitude to light and sound, etc.

Migraine symptoms differ from man to man, and they are of different types. Here, we have gone through some of them so to get you to help a while, but there is a lot to know more about a migraine. Apart from these types of a migraine, there is also another prime reason behind this problem is anxiety. We call it an anxiety migraine.

An anxiety migraine:-

Anxiety and migraine both words are interrelated because a migraine causes anxiety and vice versa. And, anxiety begets depression and vice versa too. And, while these are together, the situation is worsening one, and the sufferers go for bitter condition much.

As anxiety is a disease itself, it worsens the migraine condition on a victim. There is a great variety in anxiety types like; it causing mental disorder, chronic fear, feeling many palpitations, fear sweating, fear of dying, fear of nothingness, losing control and feeling nervous always, etc.

Can anxiety cause migraines:-

It causes mental effect and consequently the physical health simultaneously that is a great problem to make life into a terrible and a horrified one as well.

Sometimes, it happens that the mental condition deteriorates so much that it turns to psychological complexity of a patient and the doctor cannot explain the norm of disease, and we call the patient is a gothic body either.

Then, no clear explanation comes out of the situation as no doctor can recognize the criteria or the symptoms of the disease. So, anxiety Migraine is a very dangerous one to find it easy and go for immediate action and treatment. And, none is to encourage the delay of such kind of complexity because life is once in this earth and never to back again.

Migraine prevention:-

Migraine treatment is of different types, and they are depending on the types caused on the victims. For, treatment of a migraine might be natural and doctoral.

One thing is very important to be careful about that we should go to the doctors often for a general physical checkup so that migraine does not avail in our health undiagnosed and unrecognized and finally untreated and unwantedly.

To know how to cure a migraine, we have to go to every point in detail so that you can cure it easily. Naturally, there are some ways to keep them away from such as;

Lying down in a quiet in a dark room,

Placing the cold cloth in the forehead or the back neck

Messaging the temples of the head or the scalp

Migraine prevention medication:

And others are; Medication for a migraine which we need when it is in intensely affecting us. Medicine does its effect very promptly for many of us try for it rather the natural but lengthy way of curing it.

Migraine surgery is another way to have a cure from it. And, that is also a very immediate effectual way but of high cost, and it calls a bad effect on the body aftermath though people try it when they are in no way out position.

Another surgery is there we call neuro-stimulation or MTSDS including the deep brain, occipital nerve, vagal nerve, and sphenopalatine stimulators, etc.

However, we can go for other type’s migraine treatment for their variety of norms they hold always. We see a hormonal change in women for which major drops of estrogen is caused, and we can undergo for hormone replacement either.


Migraine treatment:-

We also can avoid some foods that trigger bad effects on us such as, salty foods and aged cheese, processed foods and too long time fasting and skipping meals often, etc.

Apart from these foods, foods preservatives are also risky for you to take because they are generative to a migraine.

Drinks like wine or alcohol and beverages cause migraine problem, and so, we should avoid them for getting rid of the effects.

Stress to be lessened for it is a great risk factor to cause a migraine.

Wake and sleep timing and style should we change for having a migraine-free smooth life further.

Physical exertion like sexual activity also to be lessened for it encourages a migraine.

We should aware of environmental changes while living our daily lives for it affects much for we should be very tactful for avoiding doctoral migraine treatment.

Loud sound and acute light fall on our vision to be avoided to get relief from the bad experience of a migraine.

You have to make a schedule of your daily routine to follow it well so to avoid any unwanted situation that will hamper normal life and irregularities as irregularities enhance migraine sufferings.

Also, you have a habit of habituation or adaptation in any situation as all types atmosphere will not suit you; you have to be suited to them for your betterment. We mean, to learn to cope with the situation alike to make problem less problematic one as well.

How to cure a migraine also includes age, sex, family history and hormonal change that affect prolonged and silently causing great hamper in our day to day life.

So, making a habit of doing regular exercise like cycling, swimming, walking, working out, etc. are great treatable factors for migraine remedy.

Relaxation is finally a proper solution to the remedy of a migraine. And, so try some suitable tips for getting relief with relax with ease and always.


Persistent and consistent steps can be a largely effective migraine treatment for you and all. So, to know how to cure a migraine is a step to uproot the migraine problem from our healthy life is a must to lead a peaceful life and enjoy the God gift in a full sense serially and perfectly.


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