what causes dry skin

What Causes Dry Skin?

  • January 2, 2018

In this article “What Causes Dry Skin” we will give you some important tips, and we will explain about dry skin in brief.

What causes dry skin?

While going to know what causes dry skin, we must know what the skin actually is.

Skin is a large organ of our human body. It covers the whole body protecting us from different types of attacks, diseases, oddness and any other things we do not expect to happen on. It is a protective barrier which maintains moisture levels of the body in any condition. But certain parts of our body are likely to become dry.

And the dry skin causes fewer moistures felling tight becoming red rough itchy flaky and cracky as well. When it does happen, the following symptoms are on the progress. They are;

  • Skin feels tight and looks rough
  • It feels discomfort severely
  • Skin gets scaly red and dry itchy skin
  • It becomes flaky and gets crack in an extreme condition

Now, we have a quest in mind that “what helps dry skin?” The below factors, we may include as the causes we want to know;

  • When the weather we live in, is in harsh condition, your NMFS, i.e., natural moisturizing factors, will make your upper layers of skin dehydrated.
  • When you face seasonal change like winter and summer, the skin gets dried up. The cold-hot dry air hampers the skin surface barriers to work properly.
  • Ultraviolet (UB) sunlight absorbed through skin even causes cancer on the skin often. Using frequent washing which we mean long baths or showers that remove your lipid barrier of skin causes skin diseases too.
  • Inappropriate skin care does harm your skin at large. It includes different types of soaps and toiletries etc.
  • Medication for acne sometimes makes your skin dry at large.
  • Genetic factors are also liable for dry skin in some cases. Age certainly does a fact to dry skin when it is wrinkled higher.
  • During menopausal and pregnancy, skin becomes dry mostly.
  • Diet causes it too for lack of vitamin c and e.

What causes dry skin on the face?

To get the answer to this question, you better go through our information provided on the above and mostly on the article How to cure dry skin in our health insane blog.

But, to say, in short, acne treatment often causes dry skin in the face and lips are also experience this problem for taking meditation that tends to make a crack on the skin much.

In regarding the same question in your mind “what causes dry skin on hands,” our answer is identical too.

For your information, it is because of frequent washing hands, using alkaline cleansers, chemicals, and the weather condition are mostly liable causes for dry skin in hands. The knuckles are the worst affected area for its having easy broken when it is stretched out as well.

In case of the quest “what causes dry skin on feet,” we will say you, in short, your answer is above and the previous one. And in most cases, the feet area is in the risk zone for having dry skin problem altogether as there develop fissures on the skin affected.

How to stop dry skin?

Where there are problems, obviously, solutions are there. Some tips, we provided here your convenience and services as well. Here’s how to stop dry skin;

–    avoid dry air, cold or hot weather

–    Reduce time span in taking a bath

–    Use gloves while using detergent

–    Wear clothes which are made of natural materials

–    Take enough water

–    Take a healthy diet

–    Be tension face always

–    Avoid taking much medication, moisturizers etc.

This is what we like to inform that you always seek for. To get more information, stay with us. We hope much help we might provide you onward.

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