What causes pimples on the face

What Is A Pimple | What Causes Pimples On The Face?

  • December 31, 2017

What Causes Pimples On The Face? Before explaining this question, let us go in-depth on this subject.

What is a pimple?

A Pimple is the occurrence of inflamed glands in the skin which is also known as acne. It mainly occurs in the face, upper part of the chest and upper back.

The word Acne comes from a Greek word which means skin inflammation or eruption on the skin. Now let’s have a look what the Acne consisting of so to take preventive action when we face the worst experience of it on us. If we look to our face through the mirror, the holes we find on the skin, we name them as pores. And, these pores consist of;

  1. Dead skin cells
  2. Oil and
  3. Bacteria

Types of Acne:

There is a lot of variety while talking about the acne types. Some of them we discuss are herewith like;

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nodules
  • Cyst

What causes pimples on the face?

So, things are normal before we had the pimples or acne. The oil is good for health for it works to make our hair and skin shiny and keep our skin fresh. But, things go wrong when puberty happens in our life.

Then our body produces much oil and this oil plugs up the pores in assistance by dead skin cells and bacteria.

Acne happens when the pores become blocked by aka oil. When the skin inflamed for pre-existed blackheads and whiteheads, the bacteria containing pores cause pain and infection over the surface. Acne exists for weeks or even for months too.

  • Acne is a very small papule by sebaceous glands. When it is clogged and infected, it becomes red lesions full of pus. It occurs at any age, but it is prevalent at puberty.
  • At puberty, Hormone production rate changes in the body which affects the pores of hair follicles and come to the notice. Most of the teenagers experience acne at large.
  • We find acne, especially, in our face, back, chest, and shoulder. It is because aka oil or sebaceous glands are available in these particular parts of our body.

“Things that cause acne”

They are- Sebaceous glands, a combination of sebum, dead cells, and bacteria that make clogs on pores.

  • Bacterial infection; slow-growing bacterium feeds off causing inflammation and spots in the skin.
  • Good and evil bacteria; the good one is good, but the bad one leads to skin diseases.
  • Risk Factors; indicates hormonal changes causing diseases.
  • Yeast infection; Yeast exists in the skin, but while developing much, it causes itching in the back, shoulder, chest, and face leads to worsening condition of the affected.
  • Testosterone sensitivity; too much of it causes acne that searchers showed.
  • Antibiotics: taking antibiotics aggravates the acne condition.
  • Pigmentation: leading severity
  • Pregnancy; therapy of different levels at a time, azelaic acid stress, diet, various types of diagnosis, and any infection, etc.

It also arises from genetic reason at any age.

Who are mostly affected by Acne?

We find people affected are mostly 80% of teenagers whereas 3% is male and 12% is female.

  • Here, we can summarize the causes why it does happen on.
  • Sebaceous glands become active more.
  • Clogging pores by dead skin cells.
  • While on infection develops.
  • It happens in teenage mostly but it also the occurring at any age too.
  • And, it also happens for the scarcity of diet full of healthy elements and likewise.

Check out this video to know more about what causes acne:

How to reduce pimples?

In the case of handling pimples out, we can follow certain tips for acne remedies. Natural ways to get rid of acne is effective more without any side effect.

If you fail to cure your pimples by the natural one you can go for supplements especially by the recommendation of doctors.

Sometimes, food habit is liable to get the pimples with you for a long time. In this case, you can check the following items to reduce the problem to some extends.

They are sugar, dairy products, Refined Carbs like pasta and white bread, red meats, etc. Besides, a plant-based diet might help you a lot as these foods contain high anti-oxidants.

Best way to get rid of acne:

  • You can wash your hands and mouth time to time with fresh water
  • Sleeping enough
  • Staying relax; tension and pressure free
  • Not eating much at a time together
  • Using sunscreen
  • Getting suggestion from the doctors/ dermatologist/consultants
  • Taking enough amount of water daily

You should go for a skin patch test if you are decided to have any supplements other than the natural one.

If you are aware of how to reduce pimples, you can get any other skin care products suitable for your skin, and you must care for about it with high importance either. And, this care is only for your sake and to be sound in health and mind as well.

We can say one thing after writing this article “What Is A Pimple and What Causes Pimples On The Face” that if you like to have good health, you have to know about the facts irrespective of its necessity so to take the right steps to cure it.

So, by making you aware of the event, we get satisfaction as well as let you be interested along. So, to have a beautiful journey to know about things you are interested much.

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