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Pressure Points On Feet Benefits Of Foot Massage Reflexology

  • October 30, 2018

Foot massage is an effective therapy that has been used to relieve varieties of pain and stress. There are many pressure points on feet linked with body organs and applying farm pressure provides relaxation to the whole body. Although, massaging properly on foot pressure point can cure minor diseases.

Releasing health disorder by foot massage is we call reflexology in modern term, which is based on ancient Chinese traditional healing art on acupressure points that have been practiced centuries. Now, this therapy has become a popular alternative therapy among the people.

Benefits Of Massage Pressure points on feet

Body parts are connected with pressure points under feet. It has been scientifically proved that farm pressure on a specific point on foot relieves physical and mental illness. Foot massage relieves pain, increase sexual energy and give relief from tension.

Overall, maintains health by balancing energy. Apart from these, regular foot massage prevents aging by strengthening the facial muscles. For feet benefits, you may also search for some good products on 10 best running shoes for bad knees.

Beside this benefits below we mentioned, we can go for the ease of our best comfort in feet in many other ways. And, these ways may include you to have a look on best shoes for plantar fasciitis too.

Now, come back to our focal point. According to this theory, there are 15 Pressure Points on Feet. To message on these points is effective in curing Mental and Physical Health Problems. Such as:

Pressure points Tips:

  • Farm pressure between large and second toes that is known as Tai Chongreduces headaches, stress and anger.
  • Pressure on the acupoint at the inner side of the big toe called Da Dun, relieve hernias, dizziness, and aches.
  • Another point named Tai Xi is the major pressure points between the Achilles tendon and the bony bump of the ankle massaging on which may relieve arthritis, sore throats, and asthma.
  • To relieve sleeplessness, night sweats, and palpitations, just massage on Yong Quan, a pressure point underneath the joint of the big toe.
  • The pressure point which is connected to stabilize mood eases stress and enhances coping mechanisms we call Qui Xiu. At the bony bump of the outside of the ankle is the place of this point to massage.
  • Kun Lun point is one between the bony part of the ankle and the Achilles tendon massaging on which eases high blood pressure, eye diseases, diarrhea and also a spinal pain.
  • Shen Mai pressure point is at the bony bump at the outside of the ankle. Also, the most important thing is that rubbing this point works great to relieve colds. Massaging enhances patience and reduces negativity.
  • The Tai Bai is in the middle and near to the ball of the foot. Applying pressure here helps to ease vomiting, stomachaches, bloat, and dysentery.

More Tips on Pressure points:

  • Pressure point underneath the connected web on the upper side of the foot and between the large and second toe is Xia Li point. Massaging this point effectively works in relieving stomach upset and diarrhea.
  • The thick skin between the first and second toe is the point we call xinxJian. This point is crucial because it linked with eye, liver and other sensitive organs. Massaging Xing Jian point relieves eye diseases, liver disease, sinusitis, leg cramps, and wide range physical problems effectively.
  • Massaging between the second and third toe on the underside of a foot which we call Lei Ning Ting pressure point relieves food poisoning and Urinary Infections.
  • Underneath the toenail and on the upper side of the second toe is a pressure point we call Di Er Li Dui, rubbing which provides relief from small appetite, nausea or hiccups.
  • Massaging Di San Li Dui, the pressure point underneath the toenail of the middle toe eases heartburn and excessive belching.
  • To low the high blood pressure, massage on the middle joint of the upper center on the large toe which we call Gao De Yuan.
  • Massage on a Zhu Lin Qi, a pressure point is a third of the way along the outer of the foot, relieves muscle cramps, spinal pain, and psychoneurosis.


Top of the fact to make those exercises happen to the people around the world, the techniques we applied and by all conscious men and women for being a better beneficiary of them at large.

So, these are the important pressure points on feet connected with body organs. Massaging or rubbing by firm pressure on these points eliminates various kinds of physical and mental problems along with some minor illness. Foot massage helps to achieve a good balance into the body. It will make someone feel younger, lively and fresher.


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