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Is Honey Keto | Also Know Are keto Diets Safe

Is honey keto? Is it safe to have honey on keto diet?  To find answers, we must have idea about the term ‘keto’ along with the definition of honey and its ingredients.

Honey is a natural sweetener that has been providing many health benefits to our body through amazing ways. Containing with nutrients, this eternal liquid is used for medical treatment and as the sweetener for its good taste.

What is a keto meal?

The word ‘keto’ is a short for ‘ketogenic diet’ – the diet that is low in carb and high in protein. The purposes of this diet plan are to get calories from fat instead of carbs.  Ketogenic diet gives the raise to the body to enter ketosis by releasing ketones into the bloodstream.

Ketogenic diet plan is very beneficial for some reasons. Overweight and obese People follows the diet to loss their extra weight.  Because Ketogenic diet consists the foods that promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism along with reducing appetite. Keto also improves hormone balance, controls seizures, and improves heart health. Moreover, decreasing carbohydrates in meal can reduce acne symptoms.

In medicine, Ketogenic diet plan has been used to treat refractory epilepsy especially on children. Beside these, a good keto diet plan offers several health benefits particularly to the people having with pre-diabetes.

It is important to know that keto and low-carb diet are not same. Though they both indicates the diet low in carbohydrates but keto is much restrictive. The main difference lies on carbohydrate intakes. In low-carb diets one can intake fewer carbohydrates than average. The carb intake depends upon the person following the diet. But when you follow ‘keto ’, the diet plan precisely maintain the balance of consuming carbs, protein and fat in a restricted way. So, if we follow keto diet, can we eat honey? Let’s find out-

What is honey?

The question is not meant to be asked as we all are familiar with its taste. Furthermore, in our common knowledge we are aware about the relation between bees and honey more or less.

But if we see inside the process how honey brought by, we may be stupefied. Honey is a thick golden liquid that bring into existence by honeybees from flower nectar. Then the nectar placed in honeycomb which later transform into energy source for their hive. This transformation occurs when bees pass their collected liquid from one to another.

At this point, the enzyme within the bee’s stomach starts processing complex sugar into modified nectar. The nectar does not alone the main source of honey. It has much amount of water. The bees remove this water by waving their wings. As the water turned into vapor the mixture’s sugar become thickened gradually. For safekeeping, the honeycomb sealed by the bees with beeswax and stored fairly. This way honey has formed which is a result of action pledged by many active and industrious bees.

Honey Keto Ingredients:-

Honey does have a rich composition of natural organic ingredients. The main ingredient of this natural sweetener is carbohydrate or sugar. This carbohydrate composed with fructose in combination with glucose and with a little amount of sucrose.

The other ingredients are proteins, enzymes, mineral substances, amino acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A and substances that are very high in antioxidant. Though the nutrients value varies as there are more than 300 substances from where bees collect honey.

Honey and sugar both contains calories but honey provides more. A tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories where the same amount of sugar contains 46. Honey and sugar are both carbohydrates but the amount of carbs are slightly different. A tablespoon of honey has 17g of carbs where sugar has only 12.6g. So, here is the answer- honey is not a keto friendly food.

Are keto diets safe?

This is because a ketogenic diet is very low carb diet that reduces carbs intake and get more calories from protein and fat. The diet helps to reach a metabolic state called ketosis. That means, when our body does not get carbohydrates to burn energy it burns fat and produce ketones for energy.

To remain in ketosis, carbs intake should not be more than permitted amount. When someone follows the guidelines under keto diet, the person should avoid honey completely. Otherwise it prevents the body to go onto ketones.

Another thing is that, if someone can keep his daily carbs intake within range after eating honey the keto process will not be reversed from ketosis. But a huge amount can prevent the diet.

Furthermore, not all ketogenic diet restricts honey to eat. Depending on diet types for ketosis fews are compatible with honey consumption.

Honey Compatible Keto Diets:-

There are more than ten types of ketogenic diet offering with different purposes. But the most popular keto diets are of 4 types- standard (SKD), cyclical (CKD), and targeted (TKD keto diet.

Standard keto diet is a classic diet with simple meal plans. This diet plan is very low in carbs but high in protein and fat. SKD is popular for weight loss along with other benefits.

Cyclical keto diet is also a part of standard keto diet  that is formal in nature. It involves higher carbs intakes on weekly basis. This diet helps to create carb-cycle which boosts athletic performance and energise the body musle.

Targeted keto diet is followed by the people performing high intensity exercise. The diet plan is to have carbs before and after exercise. Eating carbs before the exercise improves performance and through workouts the carbs are burned without ketosis disruption. Eating carbs after workouts help to impair muscle fitness.

Final Words:-

Is honey keto? is not a mere questioning only. It lets you know the lessons that we do not find but we must learn greatly.

So, the last two variations of keto diets allows carbs intake which means you can eat honey while on Cyclic or targeted keto diets.

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