How to bring blood sugar down if over 400

How to bring blood sugar down if over 400?

Diabetes is one of the most vicious diseases in the modern world. Millions of people are diagnosed with this life-long condition. Controlling blood sugar can be tough for some patients. Go through this article to know how to bring blood sugar down if over 400.

Normal sugar levels:

Blood sugar is a valuable tool to calculate your metabolic state. It reflects the hepatic and digestive functions of your body. During fasting, the blood sugar must be under seven mmol per liter or 126 milligrams per delimiter. It is your resting blood sugar.

After your meal, there is an increase in your sugar level. After two hours of eating, the sugar level must be under eleven mmol per liter or 198 milligrams per deciliter. It shows your random or postprandial blood sugar.

How the body maintains blood sugar?

This orchestra of sugar metabolism is a delicate process. Many neural and hormonal factors play essential roles in this process. These are the following:


Insulin is the major anabolic hormone of your body. It tightly regulates your sugar level. If you have excess glucose in your blood, insulin will convert those into energy. It stores some of those into the liver and skeletal muscles as glycogen. It is glycogenesis. Sugar Balance can affect this process in a good way. It promotes the use of glucose and other sugars in the cells.


It works the opposite of the insulin. It increases your blood sugar levels by breaking down glycogen. This hormone is necessary for a fasting state.


There are many steroid hormones, such as glucocorticoids, androgens, epinephrine, etc. These are catabolic hormones. They increase blood sugar levels the same way as glucagon.

Gut hormones:

These are tropical hormones found in your digestive system. Names are somatostatin, gastrin, cholestyramine, ghrelin, etc. These maintain your glucose uptake in the cells.

Nervous System:

Hypothalamus controls your hunger and satiety. Thus, it controls your blood sugar levels. If you eat frequently, the hypothalamus will inhabit your stomach.

Eating habits:

Our foods control our blood sugar levels. If you have a sweet tooth, you might be in trouble. More you eat carbs, and more your sugar level spikes up. Some foods are high in saturated carbs like fast foods, cold drinks, juices, shakes, etc. Best to avoid them.


Do you lead a lazy lifestyle? If the answer is yes, bad news for you. It can cause rapid weight gain as your body has nowhere to use the extra sugars circulating in your blood. It transfers them to fatty tissues as fat white cells.

Here’s a video of a normal blood sugar levels

Why blood sugar rises in your body?

Well, the answer is not that simple. The whole process of production and utilization of blood sugars is quite complicated. Disturbance in one or more elements of it can cause a lot of problems. Sugar Balance can help you to control your glycemic status.

Some factors may play a role. These can be the following:

Eating fast-food:

Fast foods may look tempting to the eyes, certainly not the case with your sugars. These devil foods are a source of saturated fat and carbs. Eating occasionally may not be a problem. Best to avoid these in regular meals.

Grilled items:

These are the same as fast foods, slightly heavy on the fat sides. Grilled cheese sandwich or grilled bacon – you name it! These foods do not go well with your blood sugar levels. Add Sugar Balance to combat the situation.


From casual bear to fancy champagne, these beverages are harmful to your liver. Alcohol has a toxic effect on your liver cells and causes them to break down. As we mentioned earlier, the liver is the crucial organ of sugar metabolism. So, your blood sugar levels rise.


Diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, acromegaly, chronic liver disease, etc. disrupt your normal sugar level. They produce hormones that antagonize insulin, the only anabolic hormone of your body. As a result, your blood sugar increases.

Stress Disorder:

Stress disorders like anxiety, panic, generalized elated mood, etc. can cause an abrupt rise in your blood sugar levels. It is because they release the stress hormones. These inhibit the action of insulin.

What can you do to control your sugars?

If you are a patient with diabetes, you must control your sugar level strictly. It is more important in type two diabetes, aka insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus. Your body produces a reasonable amount of insulin. But it can not work on your metabolic and digestive system due to resistance.

If you are having a hard time getting a hold of your blood sugars, you may need some boost up. Sugar Balance can be your perfect helping hand. This supplement works swiftly, even with the toughest resistant cases. Sugar Balance has a unique proportion of some eye-catching ingredients.

Unlike its other competitors, Sugar Balance does not alter your metabolism. Instead, it modifies your hormonal state and improves insulin usage. It works well with most of the dietary regime. It has no drug reactions with other medicines used for diabetes.

How does Sugar Balance work if sugar above 400?

The main question arises, how Sugar Balance controls your blood sugar level? Does it really work? The answer is yes, undoubtedly. The main thing with Sugar Balance is that it does not use any artificial chemicals. It uses only pure and natural ingredients. No gluten in it. It is GMO-free.

It works by reducing insulin resistance in the cells. It proportionally increases the efficiency of insulin. It also gives stimulation to the remaining beta cells of the pancreas. As Sugar Balance increases peripheral use of glucose, it reduces your blood sugar.

Moreover, Sugar Balance suppresses your hunger and causes early satiety. It also slows down the peristaltic movement of your guts. Foods get time to break down properly. The nutrients easily enter into the enterocytes.

Why use Sugar Balance for blood sugar?

Many companies use artificial sweeteners or chemicals to ramp up their products. It is not the case with Sugar Balance. So, you can trust it with any hesitancy. We have enlisted the reason why you should use Sugar Balance and nothing else:

  • Sugar Balance doesn’t affect your normal metabolism.
  • It improves your hepatic functions.
  • It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.
  • It also helps with weight loss.
  • It has fewer minor side effects.

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