Soylent review

Soylent Review | what is Soylent Does Soylent Work

It is very difficult to have a meal in time for the people with a busy schedule. But no more fuss; this soylent review will going to help you find the way with the best meal replacement to cover up your healthy diet alike the protein bars lightly.

So, what is soylent?

Soylent is a healthy food product made from soy and lentis. This plant based food is very much tasty and contains a good amount of protein, carb, vitamins, fibers, and minerals but no use of fat burners afterward.

Soylent now a day become popular as a meal replacement like healthy snacks too worldwide. With the natural ingredient, that is essential for health, soylent provides quick energy and metabolism to the people on go.

There are different types of soylent products available like some are liquid and some can be found as a powder as of BCCA. But whatever the forms are, the soylent ingredients remain the same.

Furthermore; soylent food or drinks is a complete quick meal that simply helps to avoid unwanted hunger as of other weight loss supplements. So the word has now been popular together with ‘soylent weight loss’ or ‘soylent diet’.

In this stage, you may ask is Soylent healthy?

Of course, it is! Soylent comes from plants and soylent nutrition facts include protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essentials that are healthy.

In recent days soylent drink has become popular as a nutritional choice. It’s like a complete meal in a bottle which makes you full like your meal would. Same does the protein bars in food taking case well.  

I want to tell another fact whether is soylent vegan or not; and the answer is simple- since there is no dairy or other substances deriving from the animal, soylent is completely vegan.

Does Soylent work?

Yes, soylent works great to make you full by reducing hunger quickly. Though there are some products from various manufacturers claimed to be a soylent but I doubt that.

For such, here are some best, healthy and satisfying soylent products I must recommend in this soylent reviews:-

Soylent Meal Replacement Shake, 6 Flavor Variety Pack (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary)

Containing with great nutrition Soylent Beverages’s brought the best meal replacement drinks in six flavors.  The drinks are very efficient in reducing your hunger instantly when you are on run. Each flavor is healthy and tastes good.

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  • Complete soylent shake made from natural ingredients.
  • The package offers 12 bottles of 6 flavors.
  • Each bottle contains 20% nutrition which fulfills our daily requirements.
  • The drinks are dairy-free and vegan friendly.


  • Easy meal replacement.
  • Each flavor is of different tastes.
  • Best for quick breakfast replacement.

Cons:- N/A


These Soylent meal replacement drink packages are perfect for its varieties in flavor. And a total of 12 bottles allows you to keep some in the bag while you are on go. Along with delicious taste and nutrition, each bottle makes you full as a complete meal.

Soylent Cacao Meal Replacement Powder / Protein Powder, 2 Count Pouch, 15.8 Ounce (Pack of 2)

With cacao flavor, soylent’s meal replacement protein powder is one of the great options to replace your meal while you are in the run. The powder is high in protein and contains essential vitamins and minerals.

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  • Made from natural ingredients and vegan friendly.
  • The package offering with 2 packs of meal re[placement powder.
  • Each pack contains 450g powder where calories are 400g with 20g protein.
  • This healthy powder Contains 26 vitamins and minerals.
  • Dairy-free products.
  • The powder can easily turn into drinks or shake.


  • Tasty chocolatey flavor.
  • Super healthy with its containing nutrients.

Cons:- N/A


This soylent powder is a good replacement alternative that provides you quick service to reduce appetite. The good option is it can be carried wherever you go and with water, you can make your own meal replacement drink easily.

Soylent Cacao (Chocolate) Plant Protein Meal Replacement Shake, 14 oz (Pack of 12)

Another Soylent’s meal replacement is a chocolate plant protein shake which is best for its taste and nutrition issues. This plant based nutrition drink is high in protein and contains essential vitamins, minerals, and other healthy elements that the body needs and make you full in a minute.

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  • Protein shake meal replacement made with natural ingredients.
  • Diet-free vegan friendly meal replacement drink.
  • Delicious and contains essential nutrients.
  • Contains 20g of protein.
  • Gluten-free nutritional shake.
  • Helps to lose weight by reducing appetite.


  • Great meal and breakfast replacement.
  • Good taste.
  • Work fast to reduce hunger.


This product is a little expensive.


In soylent review, we see that soylent meal replacement with chocolate flavor does not give you a good taste only but with the ingredients that it contains make you full in second. It would be a good option to have this product in a bag for people with a weight loss program.

Final Verdict:-

In this soylent review, I have just recommended the best soylent meal replacements which are efficient and cost-effective. They are a great healthy option that provides complete nutrition to the body. So if you skip your meal ever try one of these and hope they fill you up as your meal does.