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The Best Way To solution of obesity

  • October 6, 2018

As obesity is a disease happens to come to one’s life for unconsciousness, most of us treat it as a fate fact and do not go for the solution of obesity or any prevention from the very beginning either.

In this regard, we can go for some certain and easy solutions. Before that, we can obviously know what this obesity is.

What is obesity?

Obesity is now spreading around the world epidemically mainly in the United States that is shown in a study over the matters. You know, millions of people are being affected by this disease every year.

In a literal sense, obesity means having a heavy body with a large weight in comparison to height and weight calculation. And, it is calculated as per the BMI standard. BMI means, here, Body Mass Index.

The interesting fact is that it does not depend upon sex, age, ethnic, sometimes dynasty line, meaning genetic fact of fat distribution among the bottom line of a family irrespective of cast and creed even.

It is an individual obesity facts to one to be attacked by without any contagiousness. Ultimately, access weight gaining is called obesity.

Causes of obesity:–

To know about the solution of obesity, we must know the common cause of obesity which is very simple and anybody can easily assume is eating more calories that your body can burn daily. Apart from this, there are many other causes behind being the victim of obesity.  They are;

  • Leading an inactive life or idling away
  • Taking poor dieting foods but high in fat and calorie
  • The genetic problem in digesting food processed and stored
  • Un enough sleeping
  • Pregnancy causing fat leading to obesity
  • Growing older causing metabolic complicity
  • Imbalance of reproductive hormone(PCOS) of a female
  • Having  excessive hormone cortisol in the body system
  • Pradar Willi syndrome meaning the feeling of excessive hunger
  • Thyroid problem
  • Medication frequently
  • Osteoarthritis, etc.

Effects of obesity:–

obesity effect is a chronic disease with serious negative effect on body function. And, most importantly, it leads to a serious condition making your life at risk.

It causes

  • Heart Disease,
  • Type 2 diabetes,
  • Bone and joint disease, etc.

It causes a great effect on life and leads one to die deadly. Here, some of the causes among are mentioned below;

Health effects include;

  • Diabetes: This disease occurs mainly in adulthood that requires insulin even in most cases.
  • High Blood Pressure: More fat causes obesity for which it accelerates blood circulation and causing to high blood pressure.
  • Heart disease:- It will cause atherosclerosis means hardening arteries in comparison to the less obese.
  • Joint problem:- It affects the knees and the hips for stress on the joint of the body.
  • Sleep apnea:- It is a respiratory problem causing suffocation and sleeplessness.
  • Cancer:- It leads to a variety of cancer like breast cancer to the female mostly.
  • Metabolic syndrome:- It causes cardiovascular disease increasing cholesterol in the blood within.
  • Psychological problem:- An obese always gets the less favor in any case of daily movement and daily jobs that lead him or her to frustration and anxiety causing to psychological effects.
  • Stroke:- victim of it is at high risk of stroke.
  • Gallbladder problems and infertility etc. diseases are also the severe consequences of the problem obesity.

A solution of obesity:-

Most of the solutions of a disease is to be either medical or natural or both. You can go for the ways which one is the best suited to you. And, you can

make your decision that which one will be wise to follow. Now, we can see for obesity solution and the prevention both together.

How to prevent obesity?

The below tips will help you both to be slim and lessening your weight too and reduce your obesity disease. These are:-

  • Keeping active: Most of us are in the habit of going to the gym for bodybuilding or fat reduction. But it is necessary to be active like walking, running, swimming, biking, Yoga and home exercise etc.
  • Eating healthy: We can follow the FDA recommended foods like; meat, grains, vegetables, fruits etc. And, this is one of the best ways to prevent obesity even.
  • Measuring weight: Measure your weight daily for which you can buy or use a treadmill so that you can work out at home too.
  • Drinking enough water: Many of us have the habit if less drinking water. Here, we should know that water in a natural and mineral element that detoxes and cleans the impurities within your body. So, take at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily and more.
  • Going for medical examination: One should go for medical test at least once a year so to control overgrowth.
  • Not taking junk food: Junk food contains high calorie more than one needs. And, for the frequent taking of these foods certainly, cause obesity. So, you should not take them a lot and if it is possible to cut them out of your food list.
  • Eating while Hungry: One statistic shows that the people who eat only when they are hungry are slim and fit physically and mentally both. So, don’t take food always whether you are hungry or not, eat just when you feel hungry.

All above expressed ways are basic and best solution as well as prevention of obesity and both as well.

In summary, we can tell you that to get the obesity treatment you can go for walk more than you do daily, run for sometimes to burn your calorie or play any types of game that is a hobby for you but don’t stay inactive.

Besides, you can go for treatment for your obesity problem that will helpful for you only when go for a suggestion by a specialty. We also get some obesity prevention suggestion to be the chance and quoting herewith. Another mean of solution of obesity is its treatment.

Obesity treatment:

Wherever you are, medical help is available. According to the medical aid here is obesity treatment guidelines given below

  • You should change your behavior or attitude and lifestyle. The typical and monotonous way of steady food habit working outs may hamper your life boring itself that you also cannot understand why does it happening. The medical team will help you for good choices of food that will largely reduce your weight.
  • You will be prescribed some medicines for the reduction of your weight accordingly
  • You also will get counseling regarding your mindset toward and way of seeking out which is good and which is bad for you. It also lessens your depression as well
  • Medication for weight loss you also can experience
  • Medical surgery is another way out to the weight loss too

While going for solution of obesity there is another phenomenon in most of the country people which is child obesity. Now, it is becoming a very common disease like for want of consciousness.

Child obesity:-

The child obesity is a medically high risky disease for they are over weight or oversize in proportion to their age in accordance. So, their health preservation is a must on time for it may damage his or her after age from the very early morning to deadly mourning.

If you notice some imbalance of your child’s growth for a long time, then see a doctor better. The doctor will verify the family history, growth development process and the other related and will be able to find the problem and treat accordingly.

It is we notice that their childhood obesity causes some risk factors like; dieting imbalanced, lack of right exercise, a family reason behind, psychological problem and socioeconomic condition etc.

childhood obesity effects may be a metabolic problem, diabetes in early age, blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and nonalcoholic fatty liver or NAFLD disease etc.

Solution of obesity:-

Obesity may also cause social life complication like; feeling inferior complexity, depression, low memory, and other behavior problems as well.

  • To reduce the risk of being obese, we should
  • Limit the consumption of sugar, sweetened beverage,
  • Have to take the family meal as many as possible,
  • Take plenty of fruits and vegetables,
  • Limit outside foods such as first foods,
  • Take a balanced diet,
  • Limit the TV or screen time regularly, and
  • Going for a timely check-up,


For the solution of obesity, most of the people around should follow the recommendations discussed above so to get rid of invisible degradation of this health disease for leading a good healthy life and to live long with happiness that make a life a peace before a sudden pause.


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