premier protein bars review

Premier Protein Bars Review | Best Tasting Protein Bars Ever

Premier Protein Bars review is a suitable source of protein manufactured by Premier Nutrition. These healthy protein bars are very energetic thus used as an immediate meal replacement.

If we see into the premier protein bars nutrition facts, then firstly we find that the bars are made from whey protein and natural sugars. These delicious bars are completely sugar free and have no extra calories. They are very rich insufficient quantity of protein, calcium, and fiber of daily needs.

The main ingredients of these bars are milk protein soy protein isolate cocoa, glycerin. Apart from those, other nutrition facts are the bars contains fat, carbohydrates and vitamins.

These bars come in different flavors and contain 30g protein in each. These bars are very popular for their smoothness and taste as well as cheap rates. These bars are packed with protein and available in different distinct tastes name chocolate, yogurt and peanut and vanilla flavor.

One of the best kinds of these bars is Premier Protein Fiber Bars as it provides various health benefits. It contains 7g fiber along with 15g protein. Fiber prevents diabetes, helps to loose weight and improves sugar levels, etc.

All the different flavors are attainable simultaneously in Premier protein bars variety pack. The perfect bar is another one.

Premier Protein Bars Review

Premier Protein 30g Protein Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2.53 oz Bar, (5 Count)

Premier Chocolate Peanut Butter protein Bar is very delicious bar with excellent source of protein and calcium. It is very good replacement for meal as it provides energy for a long time.

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People who are under weight loss program can be beneficial by this bar because it helps to suppress appetite.


  • Premier Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar is made by organic ingredients. The main ingredients are whey protein and soy protein.
  • Made with natural sugars.
  • Good source of fiber and calcium.
  • No artificial additives or food color.


1. Very tasty and energetic protein bar.

2. This chocolate peanut butter protein bar is packed with different Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, salted caramel flavor, Dark chocolate mint flavor, dark chocolate almond flavor, and peanut butter crunch flavor.

3. The bars size is big and perfect for meal replacement.

Premier Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar is a very tasty protein bar that provides enough protein of daily needs. Good alternates for the people on go or with a busy routine, for tiffin and on workouts.

Premier Protein Bar Variety Pack (2.53 oz- 18 ct) by Premier Protein

Premier Protein Bar Variety Pack comes with 18 bars of 3 delicious flavors. They are 6 Chocolate peanut butter,6 Dark chocolate almond and 6 peanut butter crunch. Each bar contains 30g of protein and 290-300 calories on average.

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Each snake is good in size and the best option for mid-day food replacement. This bar is very delicious and soft.

Premier Protein Bar Variety Pack would be the best choice for different taste lovers. Each bar contains 3g of dietary fiber. These healthy bars help to keep down appetites between meals. The bars are completely organic and sugar free and give more energy.

Premier Protein Bar Variety Pack – 2.5 oz, 18 ct

With 18 quality protein bar of 3 delicious flavors Premier Protein Bar Variety Pack provides maximum energy throughout the day.

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This variety pack includes 6 Chocolate peanut butter, 6 peanut butter crunches and 6 yogurt peanut crunches. Each bar contains 30g of protein and 270-290g calories depending on the flavors. Both the flavors are soft and tasty and a great source of healthy diet.

Final verdict:-

Now, it is important to know that,  “Are Premier Bars Healthy?” Here’s the answer as the bars are made from natural ingredients and filled with protein and some other healthy diet source.

The main ingredient of this bar is a soy protein that makes the bar low in cholesterol. Containing with 30g of protein this bar is beneficial to the heart. The Premier Protein bars review you can find are gluten free and has no artificial additives, Thus the bars can say to be healthy.